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Application Integration

Along with the business environment changes, creating innovation is a DEMAND for companies to be able to keep pace with rapidly changing market needs.

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Frequently, business innovation created by data integration – owned data from application or system.

In collaboration with other parties becomes new trend in order to open a new business opportunities, by integrating internal or external data systems.
A good environment could provide the systems to integrating, so this data could be valuable for company if supported by systems.
Application Programming Interface (API) technology is a general solution used for integrate system. Development, management and API security should be well managed, so that API will function properly and easily managed.

Application Integration is one of i3 focus which could help you to provide solution related to integrated system. By holding tight to Agile Integration culture, we offer services such as API orchestration implementation and development, API Management, Single Sign On (SSO), messaging brokerage, data grid / in memory database and Process Automation Management (PAM). Those services will help you to create flexible environment and integration that could accommodate the needs of fast-changing business processes.

We’ll provide on-site engineer with certified skill in Apps Integration.

Our comprehensive managed IT service includes open source, middleware, database, cloud, mobile applications, and IT security. Our certified and professional engineers are placed on-site, giving you an immediate response and solutions when problems arise.

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