IT is being challenged to react faster to growing customer demands. So to meet the requirements of their end users, IT organizations are increasingly turning to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) private clouds for their ability to swiftly deploy and scale IT infrastructure. But not every OpenStack® cloud stands up to the demands of a production-scale environment or can meet your performance, scalability, and security standards.

For support that financial executive should know several things about this:

  1. Standardization is its foundation

OpenStack is growing fast, supported by a community of individuals and enterprises, and creates a standard platform we can all use to build open, massively scalable clouds. That’s why we believe OpenStack represents the best of what cloud technology offers.

  1. It needs industry-wide support.

OpenStack receives widespread support from some of the most important players in the technology industry, all of which have come together to help companies break away from being locked in to a particular cloud vendor.



Pict. Commits and authors support from many companies in 2015

  1. It’s continually emerging.

OpenStack is an evolving technology, and companies need to be prepared for updates and maintenance.

Red Hat® OpenStack Platform will help give you the competitive advantage you need to meet customer demands.