PT Inovasi Informatika Indonesia (i3) focus on deliver IT solutions and services since 2015. We deliver consulting, implementation, migration, preventive & corrective maintenance, managed service and training. Our services are covering infrastructure, middleware, cloud, data management, DevOps and security. We provide the best service with certified resources only.

Join our community, known as ‘ï3 Community’, a platform that facilitates discussions among customers (members) and IT experts to solve the evolving daily IT challenges.

For the past three years, i3 has experienced consistent business growth. This can be seen by the revenue and customer growth that stand at 424% and 88%, respectively. By 2017, i3 has become a part of PT Computrade Technology International (CTI Group), the Southeast Asia IT Business Hub.


A subsidiary of CTI Group, the Southeast Asia IT Business Hub
Expert in Open Source Solutions: Infrastructure, Middleware, Cloud, Data Management, DevOps, and Security
Provides end to end IT services, includes consulting, migration and implementation, preventive & corrective maintenance, managed services, and training
We are partnering with leading technologies to ensure our quality of service
Our solutions and services reach leading companies in various industries such as FSI, government, Oil and Gas, and many more.


To become the most preferred IT services provider that brings maximum value for customers and growth for people, business, and society.


  1. Continuously innovate and expand our services’ coverage in order to cope with evolving and varied needs of IT services.
  2. Strengthen our services by optimizing our people competency to deliver the best result, which is to get beyond our customers’ expectation.
  3. Develop a business which does not only focus on the profit but also responsibility to give back to the society by bringing economic, social and/or environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

i3 Core Business