OpenStack RHCSA Certification Bootcamp with i3
Trainees will study the fundamental ideas and best practices for developing, implementing, and managing cloud environments with OpenStack. Trainees will gain a better understanding of the advantages and benefits of utilizing private cloud in their business operations, such as flexibility, security, and scalability.
Trainees will be expected to be able to further leverage the possibilities of Private Cloud technology and offer added value to their companies because of this training.

Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Cloud Operators (CL110)
Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain Operators (CL110) teaches you how to run and manage a production Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) single site overcloud. You will learn how to construct secure project environments in which to provision resources and manage security capabilities required by cloud users to deploy scalable cloud apps. You will learn about OpenShift integration with load balancers, identity management, monitoring, proxies, and storage. In this course, you will also improve your troubleshooting and Day 2 operations skills.

Red Hat OpenStack Administration II: Infrastructure Configuration for Cloud Administration (CL210)
Red Hat OpenStack Administration II: Day 2 Operations for Cloud Operators (CL210) is intended for cloud operators, service administrators, and automation engineers that administer and manage a full-featured hybrid and private cloud-computing environment utilizing Red Hat OpenStack Platform. You will learn how to manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and scale a Red Hat OpenStack Platform infrastructure. This course focuses on configuring metrics, policies, and architecture to enable enterprise cloud applications and daily operations using the OpenStack Client command-line user interface.

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